Listen to Knepp
Tune in to the sounds of nature recovery

Wilding radio is an experiment in long term, live transmission of the sounds of ecosystem regeneration. Across the world, ecosystems are being restored. Experiments in ecosystem recovery, restoration, regeneration and rewilding provide beacons of hope in the face of global biodiversity loss and climate change. But how can we keep track of these slow, open-ended ecological changes? And how can we connect with this process on a personal level?

The wilding radio project creates solar-powered, hi-fidelity environmental radio stations at sites of nature recovery.

We transmit these soundscapes live, so that anyone, anywhere can tune in to the sounds of wilding. We also archive the soundscape recordings for artistic and scientific research.

Sometimes the live audio stream is affected by bad weather or interruptions from curious creatures, but most of the time you can tune in to the sounds of wilding 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

We invite you to listen in and become part of long-term, positive ecological change.

Wilding radio is brought to you through a collaboration between Alice Eldridge, soundcamp and our inspiring host locations.

Wilding radio is generously funded by Sussex Digital Humanities Lab (Experimental Ecologies cluster), the Higher Education Impact fund and ESRC Impact Accelerator at the University of Sussex.

Design by Sam Baraitser Smith
Programming by Max Baraitser Smith
Logo design by David Hand (along bird alley)

With gratitude to Hazel Reeves for onsite support and trouble shooting.